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Patek Nautilus

The Nautilus by Patek is a work of art by Gerald Genta. Created in a sketch in less than five minutes, in the Basel Trade Fair, the Nautilus would become an ionic collection for Patek. Its unique shape is inspired by the portholes that can be found on transatlantic liners. The case is secured by screws that allow the watch to be water resistant while maintaining its distinctive octagonal bezel. The subtle curves in bezel made the design of the Nautilus unique from other similar watches. Of course the name for the watch was taken from no other than Jules Verne's novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". The movement used is the automatic calibre 28-255 C, based off the original movement from the famous Royal Oak. Since then, the Nautilus found itself in the hands of watch enthusiasts that sparked interest in rare prototypes and other types of references of the Nautilus.  Limited edition references also have appeared on the Nautilus collection making the value of the watch rise significantly. While it might not seem like a professional diver watch, its unique features make it stand out from the crowd with a water resistance of 120 meters and resistance to penetration as water pressure increases.

Gerald Genta has created a unique timepiece with the Nautilus. A worthy watch for both men and women alike, the watch seems to capture the essence of the sea with its porthole design and features that make it compete against top diver watches.

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