Jay-Z is considered a hip-hop/rap legend. All of his albums have charted high on the Billboard Top 100, and his last 11 albums claimed the #1 spot. Aside from some fun facts of his musical achievements, Jay-Z is known to be a lover of Rolex watches.


On the debut episode of CNN’s The Van Jones Show,” in which Jay-Z was commenting on topics such as Donald Trump’s presidency and working on his marriage with Beyonce, apparently, Jay-Z’s wrist was covered with a gold, Rolex Oyster watch (Nag, 2018).


RolexMagazine.com also listed many times over the years that Jay-Z was seen wearing some type of Rolex watch, such as in 1997 on his "In My Lifetime" album cover and in 2011 during another CNN interview.


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In addition, Jay-Z and Kanye West awarded the sound engineers of their highly successful album Watch the Throne (2011) with Rolex GMT Masters (D’Souza, 2016).

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