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Rolex Submariner That Belonged To Steven McQueen Up For Auction


Selling Watch NYC has a new update on the popular Rolex watches!

Following up last year's epic sale of Paul Newman's Paul Newman Daytona (and subsequent Daytona fever), Phillips announced on Monday that it will be selling yet another icon's iconic Rolex – the Submariner reference 5513 (not to be confused with his 5512, which sold in 2009 at Antiquorum for $234,000). This Rolex was purchased by Steve McQueen in the 1960s and was given to his stuntman as a gift. The caseback of the watch has an engraving that reads: LOREN, THE BEST DAMN STUNTMAN IN THE WORLD. STEVE.

Did McQueen Ever Wear The Famous Rolex?

The watch stayed with Jane and survived a sandfire that ripped through parts of Los Angeles in 2016. They thought everything was lost until the watch was found amongst the ashes. The 5513 was sent to Rolex to be restored. The Rolex was purchased from the family by Hollywood memorabilia. What we do not know is whether or not the watch was simply purchased by McQueen or if he ever wore it. It should be understood that the watch resembles the watch McQueen sold in 2009. The difference, however, lies in the new four-line matte 5512 dial. The previous watch had a two-line matte 5513 dial. This is what makes the matter difficult to grasp. Did McQueen actually wear the watch or did he simply purchase it? Does that make it less valuable?

Although the matter is confusing, we do know some things. We know that the watch was a matte 5512 dial before it was sold. Whether McQueen wore the Rolex or not is unknown, but it is given that the watch will do very well at the auction. For more information regarding the auction, click here.

If you are not participating in the auction but are considering purchasing a Rolex like Steve McQueen's, visit for more information!

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Tips On Selling Your Watch In NYC


three watches on wrist

Do you own a watch you don't wear anymore? Sell it! Selling your watch can be made easy with these simple tips:

1. Get An Appraisal

If you have a watch you want to sell, get an understanding of how much it's worth. Consider getting an appraisal at an NYC pawn shop, and then get an offer. This will help you know how much money you will make off of selling the watch. Most watch owners are unaware of how much they can sell their watch for so getting an appraisal is most likely worth it.

2. Think About Pawning Your Watch

If you may not want to sell your watch, think about pawning it. Pawning is useful when you are looking for a way to make extra money in a short amount of time. Pawning requires you to put your watch up at a pawn shop as collateral. Then if you pay your loan back to the pawn shop, you will receive your watch again. This process has been used by so many people for years and has proved to be beneficial in the long run.

3. Know Everything You Need To Know About Your Watch

Your watch will be easier to sell if you know everything there is to know about your watch. Know information such as the model, watchmaker, and the date it was purchased. This information will be necessary when either selling or pawning your watch in order to guarantee that the process is done efficiently.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Ask any questions that you have when you are about to sell your watch. Selling Watch NYC wants to make it easy for you to sell your watch so feel free to ask us for more information. If you are interested in selling your watch, speak to one of our expert buyers today! Contact us at


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Jay-Z Loving Rolex Watches

Jay-Z is considered a hip-hop/rap legend. All of his albums have charted high on the Billboard Top 100, and his last 11 albums claimed the #1 spot. Aside from some fun facts of his musical achievements, Jay-Z is known to be a lover of Rolex watches.


On the debut episode of CNN’s The Van Jones Show,” in which Jay-Z was commenting on topics such as Donald Trump’s presidency and working on his marriage with Beyonce, apparently, Jay-Z’s wrist was covered with a gold, Rolex Oyster watch (Nag, 2018). also listed many times over the years that Jay-Z was seen wearing some type of Rolex watch, such as in 1997 on his "In My Lifetime" album cover and in 2011 during another CNN interview.


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In addition, Jay-Z and Kanye West awarded the sound engineers of their highly successful album Watch the Throne (2011) with Rolex GMT Masters (D’Souza, 2016).

Just like HOV, we also love Rolex! We will pay the most back to you for your Rolex watch that we possibly can. Sell to us today! We are located at 37 West 47th St. Suite #203 New York, NY 10036, and you can call us to make an appointment at 646-760-6302.
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Selling A Rolex Daytona Watch

Rolex Daytona Watch

All Gold Daytona

The Iconic chronograph, known as Daytona, is one of Rolex's legendary wristwatches. Daytona was introduced at the 1963 race at Daytona International Speedway as the Rolex Chronograph in the Oyster Series, but is simply called "Daytona" by many fans. Its 50th anniversary celebration highlights the several accumulating models since its first debut. Any Rolex fan knows that since its first model was exhibited, it has gone through a series of fascinating upgrades, making it a legendary timepiece. Some variations are the original featuring the "Paul Newman Dial,"  or more recently the Oyster Perceptual Cosmograph Daytona. New All Gold Daytona watches are created with the purest and highest-quality 18 karat gold, high-tech Oyster bracelet, and a central sweep dial allowing an accurate display of minutes, hours, and 1/8 seconds. Gorgeous color variations are now available for the All Gold Daytona watch dial features. The chronograph is completed with reliable shock and temperature resistant 4130 movement.

Rolex Daytona WatchThe most original Daytona's are the rarest and hardest to find. Selling your old or new all gold "Daytona" wristwatch is a guaranteed investment of $8,000 to $20,000. With years of excellent service for watch lovers, any classic or new Rolex Daytona is sure to be high in demand. Located in Midtown Manhattan in NYC's Diamond District, we are open from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 5:30pm and 10am to 4pm on Fridays.  It's high-end price makes it an unbeatable find. Come in and let us help you sell your Daytona Watch.

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Selling a Patek Nautilus Watch

Sell Patek Nautilus Watch

Patek Nautilus

The Nautilus by Patek is a work of art by Gerald Genta. Created in a sketch in less than five minutes, in the Basel Trade Fair, the Nautilus would become an ionic collection for Patek. Its unique shape is inspired by the portholes that can be found on transatlantic liners. The case is secured by screws that allow the watch to be water resistant while maintaining its distinctive octagonal bezel. The subtle curves in bezel made the design of the Nautilus unique from other similar watches. Of course the name for the watch was taken from no other than Jules Verne's novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". The movement used is the automatic calibre 28-255 C, based off the original movement from the famous Royal Oak. Since then, the Nautilus found itself in the hands of watch enthusiasts that sparked interest in rare prototypes and other types of references of the Nautilus.  Limited edition references also have appeared on the Nautilus collection making the value of the watch rise significantly. While it might not seem like a professional diver watch, its unique features make it stand out from the crowd with a water resistance of 120 meters and resistance to penetration as water pressure increases.

Gerald Genta has created a unique timepiece with the Nautilus. A worthy watch for both men and women alike, the watch seems to capture the essence of the sea with its porthole design and features that make it compete against top diver watches.

This watch has a high selling price from $10,000 to $15,000. Unlimited Buyers is the place to sell your used watches. Located in Midtown Manhattan in NYC's Diamond District, we are open from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 5:30pm and 10am to 4pm on Fridays. Feel free to stop by or make an appointment. We can guarantee that we will give you the best price for your used watch!

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